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the tent spread

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After the nuclear attack in the war in the East "a cosmic smell of mystery pervades the youngest and most beautiful hearts."

Adam, Eve and the Serpent are the CEO, the Financial Director and the Director of Strategy and Marketing of the multinational  Nº1  of the world. Only Snake remembers what happened in Eden. 

Edited in 2019, it focuses the end and the beginning of History in the heart of the individual.


Dystopian metaphor of the NWO published in 2007.

A soulless society based on appearances  suffers from a pandemic: psychopathologies. In Malvania it is only worth pretending to be happy. Post-humans, elitism,brain chip, clones, depraved and criminals in a last generation city on the brink of the abyss.

A love story that revolves around mental illness. The best and the worst ina dislocating novelthat is tense from its own context [urbeVS mar] to the heart of its characters to the limit.


Great Ocean is the negative of a photo, the journey towards what we refuse to recognize. A catharsis in which reality dissolves until it reaches its very essence.

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